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I wrote, produced and directed Wireframe, a short film. We shot on location in Roseland and New Brunswick, New Jersey with a cast and crew of 30+ people. Dir. 2013. 

Synopsis: Upon her return from college, Anna gets a rude awakening when she discovers that her father has sold her childhood home. A night on the town with ghosts from her past puts things in perspective as she tries to navigate life on the brink of adulthood.


Shot on location in the Philippines, this verite documentary is a taste of the neighborhood where my mother grew up and the families that still live there. "Batangas" mixes intimate family interviews with footage of the natural, gritty beauty of the Philippines and allows the viewer to be a fly on the wall to a multi-generational history. I shot, directed and edited this documentary on Avid. Ungraded. Dir. 2012. 

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