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Gen-whY- Why Being a Manly Man is Overrated

(Stoli Vodka)

*Winner, Best Video - 2016 Knotch Awards

A real man is secure enough to drink what he wants, do what he wants and be who he IS. Watch as our comedians explain why they've had enough of society's pressures — because being a manly man really is overrated. Shot on location at Eva Scrivo Salon in NYC. 

MONY- Meet the Millennial Boyfriend Who Does Anything for His Girlfriend

(Stoli Vodka)

Society can be mean- unfair, even. Watch as we see a man buck society's expectations and finally own who he is in this Millennials Of New York video, a installment of our parody of Humans of New York created for Stoli's #DRINKWHATYOUWANT campaign. Shot on location at The Gansevoort Hotel and in Brooklyn, NY. 

Prank Video- What Happens When You Give a Man an Unexpected Fruity Drink?

(Stoli Vodka)

Most men wouldn’t be caught dead with a drink that could be described as any color other than amber. They’re afraid it would detract from their masculinity. Screw that! Men are people too, and they should drink what tastes good, even if it is pink. They should drink what they want. Featuring comedians Scott Rogowsky and Chet Gole. 

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