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5 Stages of Realizing You're in a Love Triangle

(The CW's Riverdale)

I wrote and produced this video for The CW's Riverdale about what happens when two friends realize they're falling for the same guy. Watch as Alli and Stephanie come to terms with being stuck in a love triangle with a player in the latest installment of 5TAGES.

5 Stages Every Girl Goes Through When Stalking Her Ex On Social Media

(The CW's My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)

In this video for The CW's My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the women of 5TAGES take us into the mad rabbit hole of stalking your ex on social media- and they're not stopping until we have the entire ugly picture painted in front of our hungry eyes. Featuring Arturo Castro from Comedy Central's Broad City

5 Stages of Checking Off Your 20's Bucket List

(The CW's No Tomorrow)

In this video for The CW's No Tomorrow, watch as Keri crosses off her twenties bucket list- from helping those in need, to having a threesome, she's determined to look back on her twenties fondly. 

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