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Camille D'Elia Producer


Born and raised in NJ to a Filipino immigrant mother and an Italian-American father, I come from a family of big personalities that don't like to talk about their feelings. As such, I write light 1 hr. dramas about complex characters who use humor and the occasional curse word to work through the good, the bad and the ugly. A recovering late-bloomer and chronic rule-follower, I'm also fascinated by dating stories, characters who step out of line and intergenerational trauma. I was a 2023 Paramount Writers Mentoring Program fellow, where I work with CBS execs and attend weekly workshops to further my skills. Currently, I'm a Staff Writer on CSI: Vegas Season 3 (CBS). 


Prior to life in LA, I was a Video Producer in New York City where I wrote and produced both original scripted series and branded content. I've written and produced videos for networks such as CBS and The CW, and for brands as iconic as Burger King and Coach. I created highly engaging, shareable content from ideation through delivery. At Elite Daily, I spearheaded the company's highest grossing videos, including programming for T-Mobile, which reached over 36 million views. 

Photo: Lloyd Bishop
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